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“Heather Blogz” & How I got started

I wanted to start blogging to try out a different kind of writing, which has been a passion of mind since childhood. I had been keeping journals due to my counselling studies and I wanted to start documenting publicly in hopes to inspire others from my experiences and new lessons I learn. My early blogs soon developed from daily diaries into more structured blog posts as I got the feel of this new style of writing.

For the past couple of years, my blog has been primarily a Lifestyle or general blog as I have life experience in mental health & counselling studies, life coaching & personal development, martial arts (primarily traditional Karate), media and the equestrian world. Growing up in the Lake District, I also have a keen interest in nature and the great outdoors as well as running and general fitness.

I am happy to write accordingly to client’s request, however, these are the areas where I have that extra bit of knowledge due to personal experience. 

Evolving my Writing & Early Motherhood Inspiration

Since I started my Pregnancy Diaries series in early 2018, I was inspired to transform my blog into the more specific niche of Parenthood, which I am aware many people can relate to and I have a never-ending stream of post ideas on the topic to share. I am extremely passionate and excited to write on the topic of being a parent, pregnancy experience and natural birthing. Most of my posts from 2018 are all within this niche, so please take a look at the variety of subjects I have covered from within my pregnancy experience alone.

Freelance Projects

Mothers at Home Matter

I am currently working with Mothers at Home Matter, an organisation campaigning to bring free choice into households in the UK and allowing parents the option to stay at home to raise their children without fear of financial stress. They have so much positive research demonstrating that being a stay at home parent is a natural and important role- just as important as going out to work. I enjoy writing for MAHM because their message reflects a very close subject to my heart so was very excited and grateful to be offered the opportunity to blog for them.

The first blog post I have written for Mothers at Home Matter can be found via the following link: The Best Mother is Who You Are: A Voyage of Self Discovery



Annis is the owner of a small, yet popular crafts business in The Lake District, requested my writing skills to assist with/ edit some creative material online to promote herself as an artist. The content is published on the website of one of the galleries where Annis sells her unique felted products:

The Viridian Gallery

“Heather put together my description so well with the information I gave her, the wording and making it flow is where I struggled, I was grateful for Heather’s professional guidance in promoting my business.” – Annis McGowan

Sponsored Blog Posts

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My poetry has been an ongoing collection for many years, starting from school. I wrote many poems by hand throughout school, however I wrote my first poem for my collection in 2007 and have been cautiously storing them ever since, hoping to publish a book one day. I now have enough poems to make a decent collection for my first chapter of life and will be self-publishing this year in the near future!

Personal Poetry & Creative Writing Commissions

I have always written poems for family members as I have felt the need to, however I have been approached to write personal poetry as a commission for others over the years.

If you would like a poem written for someone or perhaps a personal message written creatively, please email me to discuss further.

Check out my poetry and creative writing examples here.

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